Saturday, February 25, 2017

Nostalgia alert: Remember Neopets?

Salstra, my ancient battle pet xD;
One thing that I used to do all the time when I first gained access to the internet (around age 12-13) ~ was play Neopets! Does anyone remember this? It's still active, even today! Only on neopets can you give your pets petpets, and those can even have petpetpets. You could even own an asparagus or... an egg.

So from time to time I check back in on my 14.5 year-old account~ the new-ish feature of dressing your Neopets is something I quite enjoyed. So here's to sharing some of my nostalgia-fueled guilty pleasure. Hahha~
The reason I go back is due to the good memories, I met some of my best friends through Neopets actually, and we still keep in touch to this day!

Some of my pets/customizations are below!

If you secretly have an account there, feel free to add me @ true_solarsenshi~

Are there any games you used to play way back when you first discovered the internet?

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hoffmann's Toy Box - Taipei 17/02/12

As mentioned I had to attend Hoffmann's Toy Box in Taipei last weekend!
Image belongs to Hoffmann TB!
It seemed to be a lot more crowded than other doll parties, perhaps because many famous companies joined this time around?
Get ready for a picture heavy post!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Soom & doom

I feel recently Soom has really been on a roll with their latest (re)releases!

All images owned by Soom!
This is the original Serin & Rico release~
They re-released Serin & Rico, which is still my favorite MSD sculpt by them x3
Cute Deer Rudy x3
Sexy, smirky, demonic Ender @_@
Boy!Nephelin is interesting and somehow I never imagined her as a boy!
Their latest announced release, I'm awaiting further photos of this cute little bunny :O
I still have very good feelings about soom's sculpts since I own so many of them and I clearly recall the day I got soomed with the release of the Onyxes!

However, I've been worried about their service, I wonder if it has improved as of late?

Speaking of Soom, I am really very excited to meet them for the first time tomorrow at Hoffmann's Toy Box! I am very curious to see what dolls they'll bring!

What do you all think of Soom these days? :3

Saturday, February 4, 2017

April Story - short review

So I finally managed to go ahead and order a body for the head that's been in my closet for a long, long time!
I actually risked ordering from April Story, despite the bad feedback I had seen. Mostly because of their new 10 day guarantee policy. 
As you can see, my FL Celine matches it very well, with maybe exception of the neck. But I will modify that later :3
Overall thoughts on the body~
  • The body is very pretty and the sculpting is nice :) 
  • The stringing/joints are tight
  • It comes with lovely resin heels 
  • The white skin matches my FL head almost perfectly!
  • The neck seems rather short for my tastes, on both the gift head and my Celine head
  • The body has a tendency to bend over backwards, which makes posing a bit awkward
  • The double joints are a bit difficult to pull out
Service thoughts:
  • To be honest, they didn't come through on the 10 business days, after they passed, they made another deadline promise and didn't keep it
  • It took a Paypal inquiry for them to immediately ship it
  • There was no communication from them over the lunar new year, which was to be expected, but there was no holiday notice posted on their website as to when they might open again
  • They were polite and apologetic when they did finally ship it and immediately provided me with the tracking number, and the body arrived several days after that
All in all, I'm not sure I'd like to order from AS again, mostly due to the service. I only ordered due to the price and time guarantee, but one of those things didn't really work out, and the messages on their Q&A seem to say more people have issues with them.

Now... to finish the boy that's been in my closet for about the same amount of time xD;;;

Thanks for checking!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Anna Queen BJD Exhibition @ Taipei Puppetry Museum

I finally went there~ I've been lazy and this was all the way across town too! But very nice and totally worth a visit~
Anna Queen is a very talented doll artist who can sculpt, do lovely face-ups, take gorgeous photos and even do full BJD SD-sized dioramas! Please check out her lovely heads, she has a pre-order at the time of writing I believe!

Enjoy the photos!